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The Waveform Refill Expansion prices

For Beta testers only

€ 50,-
  • Beta testers will pay a rental fee of 50 €. Further discounts on the final price are possible and will be offset with the final order. You will receive the staggering of discounts once you have been selected as a beta tester. (sorry: beta phase expired)

WaveReX Board RC-1

€ 199,–
  • Release candidate 1 (RC-1) will be released approximately at the end of 2018. The RC-1 will be delivered in a plastic casing and a smart packaging. It includes a manual as well as a USB cable. Furthermore, you will receive a sticker for your M1.

WaveReX early bird

€ XXX,–
  • You want the early bird package? We are planning to produce a limited preordering edition with some goodies and possibly a special coloring. For sure you will be one of the first users! Further information will follow. Keep up to date on our FaceBook page!
WaveReX the Waveform Refill eXpansion
WaveReX® - The Waveform Refill eXpansion for KORG M1, M1R, M3R, Wavestation, Wavestation A/D and T-series
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